Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Bluest Eye

1. What do the "blue eyes" symbolize?
Blue eyes symbolize a whole lot of things in the bluest eye just for the fact that a poor little black girl wants blue eyes to escape her pain and suffering from her family in the bluest eye they mostly symbolize power and respect or any thing with high authority.

2. With current technology, anyone could have blue eyes with the help of contact lenses. Is the desire to have blue eyes the same as Pecola's? Why or why not?
No it's really not the same because Pecola wants blue eyes to escape internal feelings now and days people want blue eyes to make there physical appearances look better to be excepted by society. Pecola wanted blue eyes to run away from what was going on at home.

3. What role does Soaphead Church play in this novel? Why is his character important?
Soaphead Church is the preacher guy in the church who is infatuated with little girls. He is the one who told Pecola that if she kills the dog and if it reacts god will give her blue eyes.

4. In many ways, this novel is about loss. Give as many examples of loss as possible.
Cholly and how his mother threw him away, Cholly never knowing his father, Aunt Jimmy dying, Pecola losing her innocence to rape, Pecola losing her baby and at the end of the book Cholly Breedlove dying. HA HA HA HA

5. Why do you suppose that Cholly tried to burn the house down with his family in it?
Cholly in some ways is like Pecola he wants to run away from all his pain and suffering from his family. He has no love from his family and all Cholly did anyway was drink and beat on Mrs.Breedlove. And the guilt of raping his daughter and she now caring his seed inside her.

6. The novel offers hope. Find evidence and support it.
Hope that one day Pecola will have the joy of becoming beautiful, Hope that she will one day get the blue eyes she has always wanted, Hope that when she does get her new blue eyes all her pain will go away like she is vanishing into a new world a world of happiness and love.

7. What do the seeds represent?
The seeds represent life and pray for Pecola's baby. And just life in general.

8. In the end, when Pecola has the dialogue with her imaginary friend, how does the blue eyes comfort her?
The blue eyes comfort her when her "friend" starts to talk about her relationship with her father, and the rapes.

9. How was Pecola like holy water for the whole town?
Pecola is like holy water for the whole town because it's like the whole town is asking her to relieve their sins, it was like everyone was trying to blame her for their faults and problems.


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